In Cammino per l’Isola del Giglio

Un’immersione nella natura dell’Isola del Giglio: passeggiate alla scoperta della sua storia, delle sue piante e della geologia ma anche relax al mare ed un fine giornata con tramonti che regalano un’atmosfera magica.

Un Weekend alla scoperta dell’Isola del Giglio, la sua storia, la geologia e la natura ed i suoi tramonti in un’atmosfera magica.

Saranno tre giorni di passeggiate immersi nella natura.

Ogni giorno scopriremo un angolo diverso dell’Isola, attraversando il Borgo di Giglio Castello, con i suoi vicoli stretti ed ombreggiati, passeggiando lentamente nel fresco Bosco di Lecci per raggiungere la spiaggia di Giglio Campese con un bel bagno ristoratore ed un aperitivo al tramonto.
Andremo alla scoperta dei paesaggi della costa Ovest e delle vecchie miniere scoprendo alla fine delle passeggiate il mare e le spiagge per un bagno ristoratore.

TEMPO DI PERCORRENZA: 4-5 ore al giorno
OCCORRENTE: Abbigliamento consono al trekking: scarpe da trekking, acqua e pranzo al sacco cappello e crema solare.

Experience Greece: Athens, Crete & Santorini- 10 Days

Greece’s blue and white Greek islands are famous, yet there are also hidden aspects of this incredible country that have unique beauty of their own. Our trip starts in Athens, once the center of the ancient world, now a modern and multi-cultural capital. Get to know the great cultural heritage of the birthplace of democracy, and experience the diversity of arts and entertainment of a vivid contemporary city. After Athens, we travel to Crete, which is the biggest island in Greece, and the birthplace of Minoan civilization and the most ancient in Europe.

Escape the over toured areas, and focus mainly on the rugged splendor of the White Mountains, touring around traditional mountain villages and hiking in the areas beautiful gorges and south coast paths along the Libyan sea. With stunning and varied beaches for all types of travelers, we keep it interesting! And, last but not least, we visit Santorini. Sense the real beauty and feel the essence of the Greek Islands. Hike, swim, kayak and discover breathtaking views in our specially designed unique day trips.

Custom Trips: Please only use this as a reference itinerary we can cater a trip to your budget and number of days.

Everest Basecamp Trek

Our Everest Base Camp is a moderate trekking route lead by a local English speaking sherpa/guide. You will experience the jaw-dropping views of the majestic Himalayan range enriched by the local traditions and cultures of the communities that call these mountains home. On this 14 day trip you will be accommodated at local Teahouses what will provide you with hearty meals, fueling you as you walk in the shadows of the worlds tallest peaks.

Departures: Any date on request